Read before making reservation

  • We kindly ask you to consider your decision regarding the date and length of stay thoughtfully. The date of reservation is binding. Making a reservation via landline, mobile phone or e-mail is unambiguous with the acceptance of the information.
  • During the peak season, national holiday or extended weekends, the minimum stay period must be agreed upon with the owner via landline or mobile phone.
  • To make the reservation we require advance money of a value of between 40 and 60 percent depending on the length of the stay or according to an individual agreement.
  • In the case of reservation period or a complete resignation from a stay based on reasons independent from the operation of the Willa pod Reglami boarding house is not subject to return of charges.
  • The hotel night starts at 4 pm on the date of arrival ends no later than at 10 am on the date of departure.
  • PAYMENT FOR THE STAY AND ALL REGISTRATION FORMALITIES OCCUR DURING ARRIVAL AND ISSUE OF KEYS. The complete amount due and resort taxes is collected on the date of arrival, calculated based on the agreed period of reservation. No discounts or returns will be allowed based on a postponed arrival or earlier departure. Payment must be made in cash. We do not accept payment by card.
  • Lodgment and issue of keys takes place no later than 9 pm. In case of later arrival, the client is obliged to inform the owner.
  • If the client will not arrive until midnight on the first day of stay and did not report a delay, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.
  • During the stay in houses, a deposit of 500,00 PLN may be collected. Return takes place on the date of departure after reviewing the state of equipment of the house.
  • A complete smoking and animal residence ban concerns all houses.
  • Lights-out in the building complex is in effect between 10 pm and 6 pm.
  • Pricing list of additional services;sauna or jacuzzi 15zl/1h/1 person; bilard 3zl one game, wood for the chimney 10,00 PLN per bunch; ski hire set per 24 hours 20zl; snow scooter.

additional information


The client is responsible for all of his/her possessions left in the house or in open-access spaces. The Willa Pod Reglami complex does not claim responsibility for personal use objects left by the guest in a room.

The client assumes property accountability and legal responsibility for the way of use and must comply to regulations in effect in the entire complex, especially firefighting regulations. A hotel guest bears property accountability for all damage and destruction of equipment and technical devices due to his/her fault. All damage will be covered from the deposit. If the costs or repairs exceed the amount of the deposit, the client is obliged to cover subsequent costs.

Due to fire safety reasons, it is forbidden to use heaters, electric irons, candles and similar devices not being part of room equipment.

Each house is equipped with brown and white goods. Please take care of their proper use and  operation. Please report all malfunctions to the owner.

During chimney operation one must take extreme caution. The guest bears full responsibility for keeping fire safely in the furnace and maintaining safety precautions in relation to users – especially children! We provide a specific batch of wood for first use. We do not provide wood for constant fire  in the chimney. Optional purchase of wood amounts for 10,00 PLN per bunch.



  Zakopane- Domki Pod Reglami to stylowe regionalne domki drewniane z kominkiem do wynajęcia w górach w Zakopanem. Nasze domki drewniane, chaty, szałasy w stylu góralskim są do wynajęcia przez cały rok - dla turystów odwiedzających Zakopane. Oferujemy komfortowe domki z kominkiem w Zakopanem na Krzeptówkach, Nasza góralska chata w górach idealnie nadaje się na wypoczynek, ferie, wakacje, weekend. Całoroczne domki letniskowe w górach. Domki  dla 6 - 8  osób. Wakacje w górach.